About Us


about us thumbnail imageIt wasn’t until 1992, when the idea of decorating cakes was re-kindled. Seeing a co-workers’ cakes reminded me of the times my mom and I shared in the kitchen. I remembered the pleasure she brought to those who received her cakes and the joy she experienced in creating these masterpieces. And I realized that YES – I can do this!  Soon afterwards, I started decorating cakes myself and bringing them to share with my colleagues to build not just my individual skills, but my own style. The more cakes I brought in to share, the more cakes my colleagues started ordering for their own events.

A dream of owning my own cake business became a vision.  A vision which has now come to fruition with Absolutely Delicious Cakes.

In June of 2009, Absolutely Delicious Cakes by Debbie, LLC was created. Our method and reputation enable us to create the ideal cake for you. We specialize in the latest techniques using traditional buttercream icing as well as the “rolled fondant“, which gives you the smooth porcelain like finish so popular today. Choose from simple designs, to complex multi-tiered work of art.

We look forward to helping you with making a creation to fit your needs.